The school has hightech library which is the nerve centerof the institution. The school library is equipped with a wide variety of bookson different subjects. it has a spacious reading room and it consists ofselected dailies, weeklies and monthlies.

TotalNo of Books                                                                                    4385

Periodicals                                                                                              8

Dailies                                                                                                      7

ReferenceBooks                                                                                    510



1.   Students can getbooks issued from the library for a period of on one week.

2.   In case thelibrary book is not returned in time, the student shall be fined at the rate ofrupees five per day. 

3.   All library booksmust be handled with care.

4.   Periodicals andreference books will not be allowed to be taken home.

5.   Any student whodoes not abide by these rules is liable to lose his/her library facility.

6.   If a book is lostthe student will have to pay the penalty along with the cost.

7.   Removal of pagesfrom a book or disfiguring it rule 7 to be applicable.

8.  Class Libraries are alsoa part of the academic activity and parents are requested to motivate theirwards to contribute and benefit from the same.

9.   Students are notallowed to bring their personal books or belongings to the library.


List of Prescribed Books